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Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is the foundation of all healthy, beautiful smiles and can help patients maintain their own teeth for a lifetime.An effective dental hygiene routine is meant to include brushing the teeth twice a day with a fluoride based toothpaste, and cleaning interdentally with floss or interdental brushes at least once a day.

However, your oral hygiene can sometimes benefit from an extra boost, which is why we provide professional dental cleanings at the practice. A professional clean, or a scale and polish, can remove all traces of plaque, bacteria and stains from the teeth and gum line, for teeth that feel and look glossy, smooth and healthy.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy can also prevent the development of oral health problems, which have the capability to cause harmful issues such as tooth loss and bone degeneration.

Those who have fallen victim to periodontal or gum disease can benefit from a deep cleaning, with periodontal cleanings used to clear away stubborn, hard tartar that has begun to affect the teeth and gums.